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Story 63 - 15.12.2022

This account was originally shared with Doctors for Choice Malta. This was during the parliamentary discussions of Bill 28 in November and December 2022. If the legal amendment is enacted, it will allow abortion when the pregnant person's life or health is in grave danger. This will mean that the healthcare professionals involved and the pregnant person herself will not be subjected to criminal sanctions in such scenarios.

The story below is being published on Break the Taboo Malta with the author's consent.

"A friend of mine was pregnant with a very much wanted baby. At her anomaly scan they found a defect that meant the baby wouldn't live more than a few hours. She was forced to carry to term.

Can any of these people imagine the trauma and pain of knowing you are a walking coffin? People congratulating you, asking when you're due, only to know your baby will suffer and die within a few short hours. I can't think of anything more cruel to put someone through all for the sake of piety."


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