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Messages of kindness and support

We asked people to send us messages of kindness and support for people who have had abortions and/or are about to have abortions. Below are the messages we received. These are also being shared on our social media platforms.

If you would like to add your own message to this list, you can do so here

"I’m a midwife, I work in Italy. I want to send my message of support to all the women out there who had or are having an abortion. You know what it’s best for you and I, as a woman and as a midwife, will always be by your side. Your body, your choice. Always"

~ Elisabetta

"I trust you and your decision. No one can know how to handle this situation more than yourself. You are valuable, strong, beautiful, worthy of life and most of all love, no matter what."


~ Jessica Fava

"If you feel stigmatised, isolated, unsupported, and made to feel like a criminal for seeking an abortion please remember: you are not the problem - Malta is. Abortion is your right."

~ Christopher Barbara

"Do what is best for you. I support your choice and I am here for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says or believes or feels. All that matters is that you made the choice that you felt was best for you."

~ Roberta Borg Dimech

"There are people out there who know that you are making the choice that is right for you at this moment in your life. Don't ever let anyone make you do something you are not happy with. ❤"

~ Anwen Poole

"Your decisions are good - because they are yours. You are the right ones to make them. And that's it. ❤"


~ Malgorzata S Danicka

"Just remember you knew what’s best for you and you’re not alone. 💕 "


~ Lorraine Barbara Gill

"Having an abortion is a normal part of women's healthcare and a fundamental right. We no longer tolerate shaming by anti choice people and that is progress for women and people who can get pregnant. ❤❤❤"


~ Anne Mclean

"You have nothing to regret or be ashamed of. I trust you made the right decision for yourself. No one else should control your life."


~ Anya Soldatova

"Never be ashamed for doing what is best for you!"


~ Elena Saliba

"Only you know what is best for your life. You can trust your inner wisdom to make all of your own reproductive decisions. Preventing pregnancies is a 30-year burden, and it is very common for accidental  pregnancies to happen. When people have undesired pregnancies, abortions are wise, responsible and merciful. My heart is with you, no matter your reasons. You are loved and respected."

~ Karen Thurston

"I trust you and I will support you in any way possible. If you feel like you’re a criminal just because you want to control what to do with your life, I'm here to tell you that you’re not a criminal and you will never be for standing up for your rights and bodily autonomy. 💖"

~ Wistaria

"Remember, no one is able to make you feel inferior without your consent. This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt rings true more than ever nowadays."

~ Yanika

Thank you to everyone who has shared their kind words with us!

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