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Dear Decision Makers Campaign

Break the Taboo Malta is collaborating and contributing stories in support of this campaign. 

This campaign plans on compiling the testimonies into a formal letter in a bid to change the views of policymakers. This will also be made available to the public.

The aim of this campaign is to bring to light the extent of the damage caused by the complete ban on abortion in Malta. Dear Decision Makers is providing a safe platform for individuals in Malta to share their experiences, to collectively express the harm and unnecessary trauma that the current abortion laws have caused them or a loved one. This includes individuals who managed to access abortions, and others who were unable to do so. Healthcare professionals are also invited to join this campaign and recount their experiences. Through these collective voices, Dear Decision Makers would like to convey to the Maltese public and the government that abortion services are essential.


Personal stories are being collected from two particular groups of individuals:

  1. Individuals who feel that they have been affected or harmed in any way by Malta's blanket ban on abortion.

  2. Healthcare professionals who feel that they were unable to provide their patients with optimal care, information, or options.

For more information please visit the Facebook page of Dear Decision Makers.


To access the story-telling platform please use the following link:

Watch this video that Lovin Malta created in collaboration with Dear Decision Makers:

The video features excerpts from personal experiences gathered by

Break the Taboo Malta and Dear Decision Makers.

2+ Abortions

The mission of 2+ Abortions is to create a compassionate world for people who have abortions. They understand that every person is unique, every person’s circumstances are complex, and every reproductive decision is worthy of understanding and respect.

They envision a world where all pregnant people — regardless of choices and outcomes — are able to thrive without being judged, silenced, isolated, harassed, physically harmed, discriminated against, or imprisoned.

Break the Taboo Malta collaborates with 2+ Abortions by anonymously sharing the stories we receive that feature more than one abortion. You can see a Break the Taboo Malta story of 2+ abortions featured on their website here.

For more stories of 2+ abortions, resources, and much more, check out their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @AboboBravado

Women on Web

Women on Web is a non-profit organisation, providing help and information on safe abortion and contraception. Women on Web also collects and shares personal abortion stories. They believe that every unsilenced experience helps build solidarity among women across borders and territories and helps end the stigma and shame around abortions. We can only agree. Their collection of 500+ stories from around the world can be found here

Break the Taboo Malta is featured on Women on Web's website, under Other Abortion Stories Websites. This section includes a collection of other websites with abortion stories curated by Women on Web.

For more information about Women on Web, including how to order medical abortion pills, have a look at their website.

Break the Taboo Malta is an initiative to end abortion stigma in Malta by sharing personal abortion stories and related experiences.

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