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Why people are pro-choice

We asked people to tell us why they are pro-choice. Below are the messages we received. These are also being shared on our social media platforms.

If you would like to add your own message to this list, you can do so here

"I've heard the arguments as to why abortion is unethical and I'm not convinced they are right. The opinion of what it means to be human is still just an opinion. Enforcing an opinion over other others on the basis of opinion itself is a circular argument therefore invalid. I also object to the statement that science says life starts at conception. Science describes what is happening but we still assign an arbitrary point for the various stages of embryology."

~ Paul Micallef

"Equality = everyone has the right to make a choice, irrelevant of what others think. Society do not want to see the difference between acknowledging abortion or acknowledging having a choice whether to abort or not. It is no one's business as to whatever reason a woman feels the need to do so, and she has a right to to be able to choose, decide. No one wants to be controlled. I do not want to be controlled. I have a right to choose!"

~ Vanessa Azzopardi

"I consider myself to be pro-choice for multiple reasons. I have heard enough stories from women who have experienced childbirth and things went wrong, and these help me affirm my belief that abortion should be legalised. I have heard stories of how women who had emergency c-section and how their husbands have been pressured into signing a piece of paper that in case something goes wrong, doctors would try to save the baby and not the mother. As they called it, "new life" should be safeguarded. Furthermore, I know someone who when pregnant with boys, the baby always develops a condition and dies during childbirth. She had to give birth to two boys, which died, before finally having a healthy baby girl. I understand that it's painful for some individuals to actually abort, but knowing that your baby is going to die is disheartening. Especially the social aspect of it, where your pregnancy, which should be a time of great joy, is anything but that as every time you are questioned about when the baby is due you have to say that s/he will be gone as soon as you give birth. Personally, I have never had to be in a situation where I consider having an abortion, and I would know how the react if that is the case. However, this is not an issue which I personally may experience, but others may, so I shouldn't think about just myself. I have to think about the women out there, who are struggling, who know that their life is at risk, or their baby's, who know that they are not in a financial position to actually afford raising a child, who have been forced into a pregnancy they don't want by an abusive partner, and I think to myself, "They deserve a choice, a choice to save themselves from harm, heartache, a life of misery." Broaching this subject with my mother, I'm always told that it's unethical to think like this. No. No more shame on voicing my pro-choice opinion. ABORTION IS AN ESSENTIAL HEALTH CARE! It should be available for women. Safe abortions are not as risky as having to go through a pregnancy where either mother and/or child are at risk."

~ Anon

"I believe that a woman's life as an individual with a history and people depending on her should be given more importance than a foetus that has no connections to the world yet. I believe that a woman's body is her own and she decides what she feels comfortable doing. Women are and always were treated as second class citizens. So much so that even something that is yet to have a life in this world is considered more important than a woman. Criminalising abortion is sexist. Pro-lifers are not really pro-life if the life of the women doesn't count when they're pregnant. Abortion is not killing of, as they say, a baby, it's giving a life to the woman who might otherwise be without a life."

~ Beth

"I am pro-choice for women everywhere because of the pain - the pain of unwanted or forced pregnancy, the pain of necessary termination, the pain of secrecy, the pain of being denied the right to make your own decisions about your own body. To give women choice doesn't free them of pain - it allows them to choose what is best for them in their own circumstances."

~ Susan Wainwright

"I used to be very anti-abortion and thought it should be a prison sentence. I don’t know where I got this attitude from, but reading online the pro-choice side, I became pro-choice. The reason why I’m pro-choice (for the first trimester) is because I believe that women should be able to control anything that has no sentience if it is causing suffering. I don’t want to have any children of my own, but if I were to accidentally get pregnant, I’d be more likely to continue a pregnancy and choose adoption because pro-choice-culture makes pregnancy something empowering rather than toxic."

~ Anon

"I am pro-choice because I believe that every woman should have the right to choose what she wants to do with her body, and it is not my place to judge her."

~ Hayleigh

"I am pro-choice because I'd rather have a safe abortion than risk my own life while performing an unsafe one. Us women have to stand together, and that means that there is no place for judgement. In no moment should a woman feel less than another because she chose to terminate a pregnancy."

~ Gwen

"When I was younger I just believed what I was told at school, that abortion is murder and that I should never do it. We were shown the video “The Silent Scream”, where a fully developed baby is torn to pieces – I can never forget the images shown to us depicting buckets of body parts outside an “abortion clinic”. When I went to university in the UK, I soon realised that this was not truly representative of what an abortion actually is (actually very far from it!) and that there are a number of reasons why a woman may need an abortion. Supporting a woman’s right to bodily autonomy does not make anyone a murderer. Unfortunately, there are women in situations that most of us, personally, cannot even begin to understand and they ultimately have the right to do what they feel is best for them, their family and their situation. This is why I am openly pro-choice."

~ Laura

"I'm pro-choice because I value freedom for women. I myself am a victim of rape and I was terrified to even think that I'd be pregnant at that age. Malta is such a stale country, filled with closed minded people, that it's a breath of fresh air to have a website like this."

~ Anon

"I'm pro-choice because it's my body and my choice. I think the person with the uterus has rights to decide for herself what is right for her."

~ Rita Kloverfield

"I am pro-choice as abortion saved my life."

~ Anne Fribbens

"I wanted to share with you why I am pro-choice, why I have always been since I was a teenager, and why I will always be. I want to tell the story of a 22 year old young woman. She was beautiful, with long curly brown hair, and the mother of 3 very young children. One day, she found out she was pregnant again. With her last baby being only a few months old, she decided to get an abortion. As it was illegal, she did a self-abortion. She did not survive. This story happened in France in 1961, 14 years before the 'Loi Veil' that decriminalised abortion and made it legal in France since. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet this woman, hold her hands, hug her while she would explain to me the reasons why she made that choice. Maybe she was facing tough times, maybe her mental health was threatened. But whatever her reasons were, it is not what matters. At all. What matters is, she deserved to have a choice. She deserved, like all the women in this world, to be able to decide if she wanted to carry on with her pregnancy. But because it was illegal at the time and she could not have access to a safe and legal abortion, she died, like many others. And I never had the chance to meet this woman. This woman was my grandmother."

~ Aurore

"I am pro-choice because everyone gets to choose what is right for them – no judgement – just kindness "


~ Maria Azzopardi 

Thank you to everyone who has shared their words with us!

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