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Story 60 - 09.12.2022

This personal experience was originally shared with Doctors for Choice Malta. This was during the parliamentary discussions of Bill 28 in November and December 2022. If the legal amendment is enacted, it will allow abortion when the pregnant person's life or health is in grave danger. This will mean that the healthcare professionals involved and the pregnant person herself will not be subjected to criminal sanctions in such scenarios.

The story below is being published on Break the Taboo Malta with the author's consent.

"I want to stay anonymous, but I wish to share my story.

I had a missed miscarriage, and even though it was clear with 3 ultrasounds, the hospital doctors were not convinced about this so they didn't want to end my pregnancy.

To cut the story short, I spent 2 months of my life in and out of hospital with retained products of my miscarriage, ending up with septicaemia - in other words, my blood got infected and there was the possibility of dying.

If the law was in place, I wouldn't have went through such an ordeal."


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