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Story 58 - 12.11.2022

"I fell pregnant from a man that I wasn't even in a relationship with. I wasn't ready for this baby, he didn't want to be part of this life, I had a child already, and my life was already upside down.

I thought I was against abortion, but when I started looking online I found out about the abortion pills. I decided to order them and was counting the days to receive them. I was scared that they might be caught at customs and I would end up in trouble with the law. Luckily they came and I found a weekend where I could be home and take them.

When I took the first pill I felt nothing at all. 24 hours later I took the other 2 according to the instructions. By the time the pills melted under my tongue I started to feel cramps straight away. And when I went to the bathroom I was already bleeding. I stayed lying down watching movies, but I felt quite cold for some time. The cramps where on and off and the bleeding was somehow heavier than a normal period.

I'll be honest - I was afraid as I didn't tell anyone what I was doing. But I took the risk.

After some time I took the third pill as it says on the instructions. I took a warm shower and kind of felt a bit better. The next morning I was fine, still bleeding but I took the day easy. I kept seeing blood for two weeks, but the second week was very light. The pregnancy symptoms that I had been feeling before had all gone straight away.

Three and a half weeks after I took the pills I got my period. But somehow I still needed to make sure that I wasn't pregnant. So after my period ended, I got a test and it resulted not pregnant.

I'm not going to say I'm proud of what I did, but it was the right choice for me at that time. Whoever feels that they should do it, I advise to go ahead. If you have someone as support it's always better. I was alone but I made it, and today I can finally smile again as I felt my life was over when I found out I was expecting. Good luck to anyone that wants to go through it x"


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