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Story 4 – 01.11.2018

“I am Anglo Maltese, brought up in a strict catholic family, including 4 brothers. My role was a Cinderella character rather than a spoilt only girl.

When I found out that I was 11 weeks pregnant aged 30 I already had two ‘growing up’ children and a husband who said he would rather have a new kitchen than another child.

When I went for my scan I was found to have a huge cancerous fibroid and large uterus. As the baby was growing, so was the cancer. I read woman saying that they would rather die than abort. My thoughts were with my two other children rather than with the foetus. The choice to abort want just ours as a couple, but the cancer…it was killing me and the foetus.

Sadly, the abortion first time around was incomplete, and I had to return the following week to complete it before they were able to do the total hysterectomy.

I had no regrets or remorse, but I was never able to discuss it with my family in Malta or the UK. My husband soon became my ex-husband, but I went on into a great relationship with another person and I have 2 fantastic granddaughters.

When I fell pregnant the coil I had in failed. According to ‘pro-life’ I should have sacrificed my life for the foetus’ life and left my children orphaned.”


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