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Story 32 - 12.07.2020

“I had an abortion, but I regret it. I am however pro-choice and women in Malta should have access to safe and legal abortions without travelling abroad.

I was terrorized into having my abortion by my mum. I was forced to keep it a secret from everyone and I was so young and naive that I complied. No money, no job, no boyfriend, no place of my own, no real education. What real options did I have without the support of my mum and wider family? I didn't see an alternative. I went ahead with the termination in England.

Today, almost twenty years later, I still think about that baby, and through therapy, I have come to terms with what happened. Although my story is one of regret, I am adamantly pro-choice. The taboo surrounding abortion led me to keep my secret. Even till this day, very few people know, and when I hear the general public's comments about abortion, it hurts. The taboo also stopped me from getting professional help until just a few years ago. So I carried around heavy grief and regret for so long unnecessarily.

Although I will never advise a woman to seek an abortion, I will always support women in whatever their choice is.”

This is the first story on Break the Taboo Malta of abortion regret. We need to point out that this person was pushed into having an abortion; it wasn’t what she wanted. No one should be forced to have an abortion, the same way no one should be forced to remain pregnant against their will.

To the woman who sent us this story - We send compassion your way. We are glad to know you were able to find comfort through therapy.


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