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Story 6 – 01.11.2018

“I was planning to move to Canada with my fiance. I moved first as I had Canadian citizenship, with the plan of me settling down, getting a job and applying for him as a sponsor. Lo and behold, I arrive, score a job at a law firm and get the papers moving.

I realised I was pregnant when I arrived at age 29. I suspected he was cheating on me and seeing one of our friends. I confronted him with this and he confirmed it. I was here...home...on Canadian soil and there was no way I was coming back to Malta, when my mom offered to raise my child.

I first went to a ‘help’ centre which turned out to be ‘pro-life’!! And trust me, they put you through the whole guilt trip. I left, still knowing I wanted an abortion. I was alone in my home country and I wanted to make my life happen. I went to the Morgentaler Clinic, looking them up as being the 1st in Toronto to offer abortions and being bombed several times for their services. I had faith that this was the place for me. I was lucky, since being a Canadian citizen the 1st abortion is free. Mind you – I was willing to pay.

I had amazing counsellors; they asked many questions and made sure I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted this. I was not put out completely...just given a sedative. So, as I was in the chair, I panicked a little. I wanted to see the procedure, but the awesome nurses calmed me down. As I was wheeled into recovery they gave me juice and crackers. Five other women were with me. We talked and comforted each other. We ranged from the ages of 16 to 45. After an hour of recovery, we were allowed to go home.

Did I mourn? Yes... Did I cry? Yes... Was I in pain? Yes. DO I REGRET IT?... NO! It's been 13 years now. I will tell you one thing I believe: we are souls. The human body is just a vessel. Souls will enter and leave the world as they please. We chose to be here, and we decide when to leave. My baby angel came back to a mother who wanted to give her an amazing life. P.S. I totally believe she is my niece.”


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