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Story 57 - 08.08.2021

“I've read so many abortion stories that horrified me, that without a doubt advocated my support towards being pro-life... That's until I found myself in a situation that has completely changed my views on abortion. Let me say one thing for sure – abortion is not what we were taught at school. From my own personal experience, it was simply inducing my own miscarriage.

I'm 35 and thankfully have 4 healthy children. My 5th pregnancy came as a big shock. When those two lines appeared, I knew straight away I couldn't possibly have another and I immediately made the necessary arrangements to have the abortion pills delivered. I didn't hesitate. I was in tears and disbelief. Why? Because we were careful - I was on the pill and never in a million years did I ever think contraception could fail me. I thought about my life, my children that need me, and this was the best decision I have made for myself. I didn't need anyone's permission. I had my partner’s support and that's all that mattered. The procedure was straightforward. I followed the instructions and what followed was simply a heavy period. I felt so relieved, and all I can say is the wait for the pills was the most anxious part of the process.

I'm so glad we have support groups that have made this process so easy for me to access. I can proudly say, ‘Yes, it's my body and it's my choice.’ There's no shame or guilt. My abortion was in my name.”


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