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Story 47 - 07.02.2021

“I fell pregnant with my long-term boyfriend. We could have essentially had a child at this point in our lives, but we knew that it is not what we had planned or wanted for ourselves or our children. We made the decision together. I was very lucky to have a supportive partner who reassured me that ultimately it is my body and he would be there whatever I chose.

We went to the gynaecologist together and were met with hostility when we explained our situation. I prefaced our decision to abort with an explanation that I understood if they could not assist me personally, but could they at least point me in a safe direction to receive help? This was met with comments of, “No, I cannot. If you wish to book a follow up appointment for YOUR BABY, you can book it now. Also take these prenatal vitamins to ensure the health of YOUR BABY.”

This emotional trauma has stuck with my boyfriend and I, especially through the uncertainty of ordering pills online and going through the process alone without any medical advice or help. The abortion itself was extremely painful for me, and I was so unprepared. We were so scared in those moments; scared of having to contact health professionals, as what we were doing is illegal in Malta.

It was an all-round traumatic experience, but neither of us regret our decision. It is what was right for us at the time. I just wish that I had more guidance, because ultimately we managed to abort, but it was not in a safe environment.”


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