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Story 43 - 22.11.2020

“I had my first pregnancy scare at a very young age with my then steady boyfriend of over 2 years, but because abortion is illegal, the first thing I did was leave. I knew that if I was pregnant I would find an excuse to travel to the UK and abort. I was scared that he would say no or even report me.

I needed support, someone older to speak to - like the guidance teacher, my family, or even friends - but I was scared that they would take the option away from me. I needed support and love, but the illegality of abortion threw me in fear and isolation.

I am lucky that mine was just a scare, and that I was able to carry on with my studies, graduate and grow into a life that helps me provide for my family and others.

Contraceptives don't always work and not everyone is that lucky. This is why I am in favour of abortion. Because every woman deserves to choose her future and the support to help her make that choice.”

- Elaine Mifsud


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