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Story 31 - 28.06.2020

“I was 24 when I became pregnant in Malta, before the MAP became legal. At the time, I was severely depressed and with a verbally and emotionally abusive partner.

I thank god that I am from a country that provides legal and safe abortions, and that I was able to fly home with the support of my family and have the termination there. Since I had to arrange leave from work, book flights, and make an appointment with the clinic in my country, time passed, and I ended up having to have a surgical abortion rather than taking the pills.

In my home country I was made to feel safe, secure – and most importantly, not like a criminal – by the compassionate medical professionals there.

Not for one moment has any regret crossed my mind since that day. It was tough for me like it is for anyone. Nobody has an abortion for fun – but I was lucky that I had support from my family, plus a country and home to return to.

My heart goes out to those women and girls who currently do not have the options that I had. This is why I am speaking out. I hear you and I understand your need for protection, care and options to be legally and safely provided to us as women; no matter where you are from, your economic situation or your reason for making this decision.

You are not alone, you are not a bad person, Malta is the anomaly, not you.”


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