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Story 19 – 12.05.2019

We received this story from a woman in Ireland. It took place before Ireland repealed the 8th amendment. Although this is not a Maltese experience, it sheds light on the effects of very restrictive abortion laws.

"Prior to the repeal of our ban on abortion, my elder daughter here in Dublin became pregnant with her much-wanted third child. Sadly it proved to be an unviable ‘molar’ pregnancy which had no hope of normal development, but because there was technically a so-called heartbeat, the doctors could do nothing until they could no longer detect the sound. So my poor child was forced to carry this dying bundle of cells for another 6 weeks, until mercifully the ‘heartbeat’ was gone and the procedure could be carried out. In the meantime she had to keep on working and caring for the other two young children. It was absolutely barbaric and thank goodness we now have a humane service for our women in need of termination, whatever the circumstances."


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