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Story 17 – 23.04.2019

"My husband and I had risky intercourse and I immediately took the morning after pill, but it seems that one failed because I missed my period. I was so emotionally distraught that I had to sit down because I was light headed. I knew right away that I can't picture my life with another kid. We are in our early 20s and already have one child. Financially we aren't stable enough for another kid, emotionally I am not ready to share the love and time with another kid, and I had just started to continue with my studies. My husband was telling me that abortion isn't the answer and we will get through this, but if I did it he would support me. Obviously, for a man another kid isn't a huge change because after 2 days his life will be back to normal (going to work and coming home at 6pm, and I have to struggle emotionally with 2 kids). I told my mother first. She took it badly and started crying about my decision and saying I would regret it etc. I was hesitant to tell my father, but I knew I had to tell him because I went there alone, and my father has more experience in traveling etc., so if something happens to me he would know where I was. My dad was very supportive about my decision and told me: If you think it's the best decision for your kid and your family life, do it. A week after I knew I was pregnant and went to the clinic and did the procedure. My husband couldn't come because of our kid, and I didn't want to tell anyone. The procedure was quick and easy – up till now I don't regret my decision, it's the best decision I know I could do for my life and my family at that moment."


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